2D 2gether

Photo from Woodstockings.

Photo from Woodstockings.

Has this holographic world 

In which I play god with my thumb

Overridden the art of truly getting 

To know one another?

Text me your handle and 

I’ll stalk you for an hour 

To see if all checks out:

Your style, your wit, your dreams,

What you ate for breakfast.

The presentation—is it too calculated or not enough?

By the end of my exploration I am either

Totally in love

Or you’re just another number.

Either way, you can be completely sure

That it’s just a projection

So take no compliment or rejection—

Always a fragile image captured through

Repulsive apparatus 

This is a circus ring

In which we feed the fears like rabid lions

Parade our crippled oddities for  

The sick thrill of likely validation 

Faulty guru in starry robes sits atop her throne, 

Toting sponsored bytes of advice 

Tickets are free and hours are eternal

At least until the app crashes

And you’re stuck, marooned in your own

Narrow construction of reality

They say it’s just an illusion

But if I am simply pressing buttons 

To capture my life, 

At what point do I become 

The fantasy?

Am I just a quivering mirage?

Holographic avatar?

Have I become the 2D?

Well, fuck it, I’m addicted,

Let’s be 2D together.

You say loneliness is killing you, 

And I know,

Because it’s killing me too—

A romance for the modern age