True Love is Making a Comeback

Photo from Woodstockings.

Photo from Woodstockings.

He asked me why 

I wouldn’t sleep with him

And I said it’s already hard enough to 

Get out of bed in the morning.

If honesty makes me an ice queen

Then so be it,

I’m frost-bitten.

Would making love now just be

Making love to my own ego?

I find everyone to be such a pure reflection

What I love in myself turns me on 

What I loathe in myself repulses me

And, what I desire to be, 

When gleaned from another 

Patches up holes of lack

With the flimsy architecture of

A rubber bandaid placed over a gunshot wound. 

And still I crave this lofty ideal,

One that actually satiates none of these 

Baser cravings

I heard true love is making a comeback.