Let's Forget Our Time (Hipsters be like...)

Photo by Woodstockings. A funni 1, surprise!

Photo by Woodstockings. A funni 1, surprise!

Let’s forget our time

Ignore this electrical world

With its pantheon of holographic gods

Let’s install a tape deck and

Drive into the mountains 

No, better yet, let’s invest

In a lava lamp and record player

Lose ourselves in lysergic daydreams

Tumbling about in fields of daisies,

Shedding our kaftans to make love

But mother says you’d be 

Remiss to think it was that simple,

All you need is one fellow 

Named “Road-dog” to sell you bunk acid

And you’re toast

And then, there was ‘Nam

Bloody ‘Nam

So, let’s go back even further,

Prior to the advent of televised gore—

A golden era:

Drag a cigarette,

I’ll slip into a beaded dress, 

And be your fiery flapper girl 

We’ll immerse ourselves in the 

Glory of the roaring moment

Undulate our bodies to

The mad sounds of jazz

On some cool city night

But then you’ve got prohibition, 

The commencement of the Great Depression, 

Rampant unchecked racism (as if it’s much different now...)

Dig deeper,

The old west

A time of kerosene and cowhide

Open prairie 

Handwritten letters to long lost lovers

...fatal diseases, no penicillin, outlaws, gunslingers, and gangs?


Let’s get Medieval .

No, let’s go Renaissance.

We could harken back to the Dark Age!

Or become  cave dwellers,

Discover fire..

Even better, let’s shed our human shells altogether.

Let’s go Jurassic,


It’s all such a dream!

I know,

Let’s dial it back 2.7 billion years..

We’ll become Cyanobacteria 

And invent photosynthesis, 

The real forefathers.

Yes, it seems the only way to know if things will ever get better

Is to scale it all the way back to the beginning,

And then we’ll REALLY see it through—

Past even our own holographic time.

Eternal algae

Clinging to rust-colored rocks

Like zen monks

Passively watching the world as it smolders.

And then, I guess

We’ll get what we 

Always truly wanted,

What with our hieroglyphics, cave drawings, novels, and Instagram feeds—

To be immortal