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Riorden is the project of psychedelic-tinged singer-songwriter, Alexandra Riorden Dwight. An old Irish surname, Riorden means “royal poet” and lends an accurate description to her emphasis on metaphor and wordy, thought-provoking lyricsm. Born and raised in California, Riorden draws inspiration from the riffs and grit of 60s classic rock, raw vocal stylings of Woodstock-era folk, and unfiltered, stream-of-conciousness poetry of the beatniks. Riorden recently released her debut 5-song EP, Weirdflower, in March 2019 and is currently working on producing her first full record. To catch Riorden live, click “shows” on the homepage.

“Riorden reminds us the perks of being a weird flower… the artfully offbeat, deep-feeling performer [is] already a master of atmosphere. She has emerged this year with a well-crafted, theatrical kind of moonlit, moody folk rock.”

Santa Barbara Independent